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Grand Apparel Designs Our Mission

Grand Apparel is committed to exceeding our customer’s expectations in quality, delivery and cost throughcontinuous improvement and customer interaction. We consistently strive to deliver the highest achievable quality and service in our quest for excellence. We are passionate when it comes to developing and designing a dynamic range of Apparels, enabling us to cater tomultiple markets worldwide.

Grand Apparels Moving Forward

Staying competitive is key in order for us to grow in a price conscious market. We, at Grand Step, have been actively exploring other countries to grow our partnerships. Wehave looked at countries all overAsia such as Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, Srilanka and Cambodia. As we explore these new areas of manufacturing, we are constantly learning how to improve our processes and techniques.


Who we are

At Grand Apparels Designs we specialize in Designing, Manufacturing and Exporting fashion forward Clothing to our global customer base
With over a ten years of experience, we excel in virtuallyevery category of the fashionable clothing Industry.
We are responsible for designing and producing a widespread assortment of fashion forward garments for Men, Women & Kids for both branded and private label.
We focus on core products comprising of best performing stylesyear round, along with a wide variety of fashion prevailing trends has allowed us to capitalize the market.
Our global reputation and presence in the international market derives from our ability to balance the dynamics of market trends with our strong fashion designprinciples.
We manage all aspects of design, production, operations and distribution in-house. This allows us to maintain exclusivity of designs while provide the best possible quality and service toour clientele.

Global Sourcing

We take great pride in building strong partnershipswith our core factories as well as our materialsuppliers. Manufacturing in both China , India and Bangladesh has allowedus to offer the most competitive pricing with out compromising quality.
In China our core factory matrix consists of eight well equipped manufacturing facilities witha total of twentyeight production lines. Our core partnering factories are located in the north & south of China specializing in manufacturing fashionable denims, outerwear and woven. In the south of China we also have four partnering facilities focusing on Denims. All our factories have capabilities of denim wash and embroidery
When building a fashion design house it is imperativeto set the right foundation. We partner with some of the leading material manufacturing companies in both China, India and Bangladesh enabling us to build fashionable and profitable collections for our import and retail partners.


  • Social compliance/Ethical trade

    “Transparency First”

    Ethical trade team (3auditors)
    ● US Senior manager JimBrown
    ● On going factory evaluations
    ● Corrective action plans
    ● Strengthening our core factorybase
    and supply chain

Grand Apparels (HK) Ltd Yiheng South Road, Chiling Industrial Area, Houjie Town, Dongguan Guangdong China 523940. CHINA
(86-769) 8308 0888

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